JEM Response To CoronaVirus ( COVID-19) In Ghana

Important Coronavirus information


This photo was taken on March 15, 2020, shows members of Jem Intercontinental Services, spraying disinfectant as a preventive measure against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Ghana.

COVID-19 has now surfaced in Ghana with the Ministry of Health confirming six new cases of the Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) over the weekend. There’s the need for institutions, Offices, shops, schools, hotels, restaurants, homes, etc. , to disinfect their properties from this deadly and contagious virus. Contact Jem Intercontinental Services for clean Viral Disinfection against coronavirus (covid-19) and other microbial viruses in Ghana. We disinfect offices, government facilities, residential households and communities, offshore vessels, factory buildings, among others. Keep your facilities and properties clean from any viral infection such as the coronavirus (covid-19) in Ghana by Contacting Jem Intercontinental Services. Contact us now for thorough sanitization. Call us now on 020 811 6038 and let’s prevent the spread of this virus.



Watch a Video of JEM Disinfecting Against Coronavirus in Ghana Below:



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