Bed bugs are nocturnal (active at night), reddish-brown insects that feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals at night. They infestations are much more frequently reported now than used to be in the past and it has become a fact that the blood-sucking insects have now come to stay with us here in Ghana. We should count ourselves fortunate that there is no known disease transmission to humans associated with them. They suck our blood and cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment to us to us leaving us with itchy rashes on our skin.

Once they take control of the furniture and other likely hideouts in a household it becomes very difficult to eliminate them. The obvious response to a bedbug infestation is to use chemical spraying approach. This is what has persisted at most places and yet the bugs are not eliminated but spring back after a short period due to the prolific breeding nature and their survival nature. They can survive for months without feeding. Most species have also become immune to various chemicals applied against them. Scientists are still working hard to develop new chemicals with dual active ingredients to fight them. These chemicals, of course, have own hazards and leave residue on treated surfaces which affect people especially children when ingested into them.

Due to the above, Jem intercontinental services have procured state of the art equipment and developed combined integrated pest management and chemical engineering approach including heat treatment to totally eliminate them from your premises or home in Tema,  Accra or anywhere in Ghana. Close and careful consideration would be given to eliminating conditions that are conducive to pest infestation. All pests need food, moisture, and harborage. By eliminating one or more of these, it is more difficult for pests to survive. Also, pests reproduce at a slower rate when conditions are not conducive for their survival.

Don’t throw away your furniture, sofas, mattresses and all other infested items.  Contact Jem Intercontinental Services for a free inspection of your premises and witness their eradication from your premises.

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We, therefore, entreat you to trust Jem Intercontinental services to get rid and eliminate all bedbugs from your home or facility located in Tema, Accra or anywhere in Ghana. We will take care of your situation.