Mr. Agyemang Enoch – IPM Officer

Mr. Agyemang EnochMr. Agyemang Enoch is the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Officer at Jem Intercontinental Services Ghana Ltd, Tema. Mr. Agyemang, who has a marketing background and holds a Higher National Diploma in Marketing, has been with Jem since 2015.

With a wealth of knowledge garnered since joining Jem as the IPM Officer, he is responsible for the correct implementation of the various techniques and strategies in the control of pests with minimal use of pesticides.

He is the main point of contact for our Pest Control Operations at clients’ premises. He coordinates IPM activities by assigning daily IPM tasks to staff and follows up to address issues on the field as may be required.

As part of his duties, he also assigns daily tasks to the IPM staff in collaboration with the Jem Management team and the contact persons for pest control at clients’ premises